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My name is Vessela Evrova-Wassenaar

I am a professional violinist and a violin, piano and music theory teacher. I am also the founder of the Classical Temple.


About Me

Born into a family of classical musicians, I started playing violin at the age of five. I later studied also piano as a second instrument and have attended full-time music institutions since pre-school grades. I am an Australian musician born in Sofia (Bulgaria) and later raised in Sydney, followed by life, studies and work in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2017 I reside in Melbourne, my now acclaimed home city. I hold music performance degrees from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (Graduate Diploma - Music Performance, University of Melbourne) and high school certificate specialising in music performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music High School, along with decades-long immersion in classical music learning.

In addition to music, I hold university master degrees in law (International and European Law, University of Amsterdam) and international relations (University of New South Wales) which have contributed to the diversity of my knowledge and skills as well as artistry (and quirky persona).

I have performed as part of orchestras, chamber music ensembles and independent music projects in Melbourne, Sydney and Antwerpen (Belgium) and am currently performing on a regular basis in and around Melbourne.

Alongside with performance, I am a passionate violin, piano and music theory teacher, and since 2018 I have taught a wide variety of dedicated students from my own music practice, the 'Classical Temple'. In that context I have nurtured and prepared all of my students in becoming proficient at their instrument and preparing for AMEB exams and regular Music Society of Victoria concerts. Many of those have received grades of Honours and High Distinction, helping them prepare for scholarships at high school and generally perfect their music skills. I am also a full member of the VMTA (Victorian Music Teachers Association).

My aim as teacher is to light the spark that would guide students' musical curiosity, and technique building into their future endeavours and professional dreams.

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