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Learn to Play
Learn to Play

The Classical Temple offers violin (all levels), piano (beginners - intermediate) and music theory tuition to all aspiring musicians. We aim to develop technical and creative abilities upon which students can build and progress their musical training.


For violin beginners, this includes learning correct posture and balanced alignment with the instrument, bow technique advancing through to various bow patterns, left-hand formations and finger patterns, good intonation, phrasing and ability to read music independently and confidently. Gradually we learn advanced techniques such as vibrato and off-the-string bowing.

Pianists can expect to learn correct seated posture, stable and relaxed hands and finger shape, and develop advanced techniques of touch and articulation. They will read notation in both treble and bass clefs, understand and apply tempo and rhythm markings, as well as dynamics, phrasing and work to build a fluent coordination between hands.


All lessons incorporate some aspect of music theory in addition to learning notation (key and time signatures, dynamics, tempo, intervals, transposition...), and we recommend further study of music theory using AMEB approved texts. This helps students prepare for AMEB Music theory grade exams and can be done intensively as part of instrumental lessons. Most importantly, we aim to ignite a spark of passion for learning to play the violin or piano, and loving music in general.


All lessons are aimed at completing AMEB grade exams.

We hold current Working with Children and Victorian Police Checks


Vessela provided exceptional violin tuition for our daughter Amelia. Amelia had not played the violin before and Vessela gave her the foundation skills which has resulted in a love of violin and music more broadly.

Vessela provided excellent updates to us so that we could support Amelia at home and was always happy to answer any questions that we had.

We would highly recommend Vessela to other parents and individuals as she is enthusiastic, patient and passionate about providing high quality violin tuition.

Nichole (parent)

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